Friday, September 24, 2010

A Tug at my Heart

Our People magazine came in the mail the other day, not the one on the newsstands but our denomination's mission magazine.  I'm struggling over an article by Dr Art Brown, the director of missions.   At a meeting for workers in creative access countries, he asked those present how the church can better support them as they follow Jesus.  Dr Brown shares that their second and third desires for the church's support were counseling and support (#3) and relationship, visiting and understand (#2).  Their highest rank request was "that the church would contribute prayer and fasting."

And that's what I'm struggling with.  Can I offer these brothers and sisters of mine, whose names I don't even know and who are serving Christ in unnamed countries, the support they desire by coming to God for them in prayer?  Do I care enough about those in the world who don't know Jesus that I would approach the Lord on their behalf, even fasting for them?

I this something God would have me do?

Article: "Top Ranked" by Dr Art Brown, Free Methodist World Missions People, October-December 2010, page 2.

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