Monday, September 27, 2010


It's already early afternoon in Western New York.  That's where Tom and I are just now!  We got up at 2:00 yesterday morning to make our early morning plane and arrived at the farm at 8:00 last evening.  Several long, bright clouds radiated out from the moon, just a couple of days from full, like a toddler's drawing of the sun.  Jupiter shown intensely in the east and the big and little dippers stood out prominently in the night sky.  Standing in the road in front of the house, the croaking of frogs in the pond was the only sound we heard.  It is the perfect place to experience some rest and renewal, exactly why we came.

This is where we lived for three years when our boys were small, where Tom's parents retired, indeed, where they grew up.  It has been the destination of many of our family vacations over the years.  When we saw a break in our schedule, we hopped a plane.

So what are we going to do?  No really big plans, just enjoy the quiet, explore the woods, see some stunning scenery (plenty of that around, and the leave are starting to turn), catch up with a few friends.  Today we're at Tom's brother's house, glad for a chance to use the computer.  Then we'll pick up some supplies.  We'll be looking for produce stands and stop by the Amish store just a few miles from home for staples and eggs, maybe even duck eggs.  We brought a couple of movies and a book of simple piano arrangements.  And the house itself is full of family history, from the many pieces of furniture, clocks and gadgets that Tom's dad made to the collections of paintings that each family member created, photos, letters, books and nicknacks that line the walls.

I'll post from time to time (not sure how often we'll get to Danny's to use the computer) and let you know what's happening, maybe post a few photos.  Whatever your week holds, might you, too, experience the rest and renewal that your soul needs.  (I'm just guessing, but I bet you could use it.)

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