Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Heritage Park Wetlands

Hey, all you nature lovers in the Stanwood area, do you know about Heritage Park Wetlands?  After seven years of living in Stanwood, my walking partner, Terri, and I discovered the trail just a few weeks ago.

We parked behind Jasmin Thai Cuisine (something to look forward to after the walk!) and headed to the trail.  It's at 92nd Ave NW and 272nd St NW, just west of the bus barn and behind the bowling alley.  Heritage Park borders it on the north and Stanwood Middle School, the library, and several homes and businesses back against it on the south.

The path itself is flat and paved, an easy walk for families, parents with children in strollers, dog walkers, just about anyone.  It's several blocks long, and pleasant.

We especially enjoyed the wetlands.  If you turn to the north at the beginning of the trail (shown here on the right of the photo, between the trees), you will find yourself in a wildlife sanctuary.  We were there on a warm day, and the temperature was several degrees lower here.  Birds and small animals chattered and my shoulders relaxed as we walked into this peaceful place.

From the road on the north side, you can see the wetlands.  The tall dead trees, presumably remnants of a long ago forest fire, were left to attract birds of prey to the area.

If you haven't explored the park yet, why not do so before it gets too cold and wet.  It may draw you back again and again.

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