Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Alaska Travel Tales

My Alaska brothers travel a lot -- both of them -- around the state and around the country.  Tim is the big winner this summer, with at least three trips to Seattle and four long distance camping trips.

Below are photos from Tim's most recent trip and his note accompanying the pictures.  Ted responds with a memory of his own.

Tim's note:
I went camping last weekend to the town of McGrath and the Kinicott Mine about seven hours from here.  For those that have been there, you go to Glennallen, then take a right, go a ways, take a left on the Edgerton Hwy and drive practically to Canada and at roads end, there you are.  I thought I would share a few pictures.
PS It's fall here.

Ted's reply:
Thanks for the pictures. September and April are my faviorite times to travel in Alaska. September because of the incredible fall colors and April because the animals think it's spring.
Ok, winter is fun too because the air is so thin and pure, albiet kind of treacherous. I remember one quartet trip [Ted used to sing with a quartet from church] from Glennallen to Juneau [669 miles] in a 12 passenger van with no heater. It was 19 below in Tok. We all sat bundled in sleeping bags and switched drivers every half hour. The heater blew just enough to have about a two foot circle of visibility over the steering wheel. What a great trip! Too bad the donuts were frozen to the floor. 

(Bet I know which one of my brothers you'd rather travel with!)

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