Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Drive

Here are some photos from around the neighborhood that I took on the way home from church yesterday.  I've experimented with special effects on some of them and thought you might enjoy seeing the results.

This first one was taken on the Prayer Walk at our church, a trail through the woods which, right now, is alive with mushrooms.

We passed these horses and went back to take photos.  I love the white stripe down this guy's face.

We stopped by our friends' house and couldn't resist photographing their critters.  They reminded me of bullies taunting the kids on the other side of the fence.

This stump was also in the Prayer Walk.  This picture reminded me of my grampa, who spent most of his life as a lumberjack.  I used an antique effect as well as one that softened the edges because it seemed like it captured his life and times.  This is my favorite photo of the bunch. 

The clouds were dramatic, even spectacular, yesterday.  Here's a picture that we got along Norman Road in the Stillaguamish River flats a mile or so from home, and how it looked after we cropped it and cleaned it up, then one more adding a special effect to the cleaned up version.

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