Thursday, September 23, 2010

Prayer Trail

Our church is situated on several acres, much of it still wooded.  Full of old growth timber, nursery stumps, ferns and other native Northwest foliage, it is a lovely woodland.  Pastor Pat says that sometimes early on a Sunday morning, when he is arriving at the church to prepare for the day, he has seen a doe and two fawns in the woods.

Several months ago a group of parishioners set out a rustic prayer trail through the woods.  Markers along the trail bear the words of the Lord's Prayer.  Stones are piled on one of the signs, evidence that people are using it.  Indeed, on Sunday, when Tom and I were on the trail with our camera, there were several others walking it too.

Here are some photos taken that day.

Trail Head

Could it be the skeleton of Jonah's big fish?

Evidence of long ago logging

Yes, Lord.

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