Friday, September 10, 2010

Random Thoughts about Colorado Trip

1. I was in watermelon country.  I didn't want to leave without some of their local speciality, but it's a bit impractical to purchase a whole watermelon when you're driving a rental car and sleeping in a hotel.  So as I was leaving town I stopped at a produce stand and found a quart container filled with watermelon chunks.  I stuffed myself on Tuesday night and finished it up for breakfast on Wednesday.  Sweet and delicious!

2. The creamed honey for sale at the produce stand sure looked good, and I had it in my hand to buy and bring home.  Oh, wait, I've only got a carry-on.  Reluctantly I put the honey back on the shelf.

3. Samuel was hoping for a tour of Focus on the Family.  Too bad we were in town on Labor Day and the visitor center was closed.

4. The speed limit on the Colorado roads I traveled changed with lightning speed.  At one point the sign said 35.  I began to slow, but before I could get to 35, the speed limit had changed again to 65!

5. Along SR 71, the road I took through the ranch land to the airport, there were swinging gates that can be closed in the winter's harsh weather.  Maybe that's a common sight for others, but it was new for me.

6. I passed over several bridges that traversed bright green grass where you would see rushing rivers in the winter.

7. Travel tip -- Maybe you've already figured this out, but you are allowed ONE quart-size zip-lock bag for ALL of your liquids, gels, and aerosols.  And you've got to be able to zip the bag.  This will save you time in security.

8. Next  time I go to  Colorado I want to go see the cliff dwellings in Manitou Springs, not too far from the Garden of the Gods.  I was there nearly twenty-five years ago.  Maybe they've redecorated in the meantime.

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