Friday, April 5, 2013

Daffodils and Tulips

So, we took our own advice on Wednesday and went to La Conner to see the tulips. As we were driving through the flats outside La Conner Tom saw hundreds of snow geese overhead, and they landed in a field along the road, thick as the quail in the wilderness. Here's a glimpse of just a few of them.

When the tulips are at their height, these fields are stripes of brilliant color. I hope to return to this site in a week or two and catch this field in full color, but for now the daffodils have the spotlight.

We found a brilliant field of daffodils and got out to shoot them up close. A man with wide angle capabilities on his SLR digital camera told us how he gets his photos -- from underneath the flowers, looking up, with the sky and clouds in the background. Tom and I both tried out his method throughout the trip. 

Of course full fields of tulips in bloom are wonderful, but there is plenty of beauty in the early stages too.

We ran into a couple who were bicycling and offered to take our photo. We chatted for a bit and learned that they are from Spokane. Turns out Nancy, the wife, teaches with my dear friend Judi, my roommate for all four years of college!

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Joan Husby said...

What lovely photos! Thank you for sharing the tip.