Monday, April 15, 2013

On Working Together

The NPR news story this morning caught my attention: GM, Ford to Collaborate On New Transmissions. I'm not particularly into automobile manufacturing, but I know that introducing a new generation of products is a time consuming, costly process. Working together on the new nine- and ten-speed transmissions makes good business sense. It will result in greater fuel efficiency, money saved by both companies, and a shorter time to get the product out.

It is clear from the NPR story that both Ford and General Motors will continue to fight for sales. They are not changing who they are; they are simply acknowledging what we learned in elementary school -- that things go better when we work together. On this project they have set aside their autonomy to work for the collective good.

Now why can't we do that as we deal with other issues facing our nation? Why can't we look past the nose on our own face to see the advantage of working together?

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