Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Life on the Ledge

Over the years my kitchen window sill has housed many marvels, and a fair number of oddities. Here's what is there just now. 

Rocks from the red soil of Burundi.

One of many bracelets that ends up in the window
when I am doing dishes.

A watering pot, always at the ready, a gift from my friend Joan.

A plant that has survived lack of water over the years, nestled into a
pitcher my friend Judi gave me 30 years ago.

Ivy in a cream pitcher, a Christmas gift I gave myself!

Our family, 15 years ago at the big tree at the rest area on I-5,
in a frame from my Secret Sister, Sharon.

A prism. What's a kitchen window without a prism
and all the beautiful colors it refracts that show up
on the refrigerator or the kitchen floor!

A cactus, one of the lone survivors from the cactus seeds Tom's mom
gave him 10 years ago.

A start of a rabbit's foot fern that we brought with us
from a trip to Pennsylvania in 1994.

A jade plant, which he started
from his mom's jade.

Tom (r) and his brother Dan
with their mom's jade plant.

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