Monday, April 1, 2013

Sister Connection -- 30 in 30

Denise Patch of Sister Connection has been in Burundi for the past two weeks, visiting widows and orphans -- those who are sponsored by Sister Connection and those who are still waiting for sponsorship. Some of the homes she visited are orphan-led. That means that their widowed mothers have also died and the children are on their own. They also visited the three Sister Connection widows who lost their livelihood in the Bujumbura Market fire a couple of months ago.

I've been following Denise's trip on Facebook and was moved by this report:
Her husband was killed when he left the house late at night to get medicine for her raging malaria. She was 8 months pregnant and her husband's family kicked her out of her house. So began her decent into utter despair. Starvation ravaged them, nakedness was one cloth away (she would sit naked by the river waiting for her cloth to dry on laundry day), two of her children died, her son was taken by rebel soldiers to join their army, and this young widow cried for hours of the each day. 
One day someone invited her to church -- and loaned her clothes to wear. She found peace for her heart, but her body was in so much suffering. She was still hungry, still naked, and still crying. Until Sister Connection learned of her. 
"The social worker called me to her office and she actually put money in my hands. I looked at the money and I said, 'Whose money is this?' She said, 'It's your money.' I said, 'This can't be my money. Whose is it?' She said, 'It is all your money.' I was so overwhelmed that I lost consciousness. When I came to, the money was still in my hand. It was mine!" 
Her son came home safely from the bush army, and she and he are thriving. She radiates joy and gratitude. Now, when she walks by people say, "Here comes Mrs Jesus!" For she proclaims Him the husband of the widow. 
He needs us to be the vessel through which He provides for widows like this. He needs you. And so do they.
 So here's the thing. There are still hundreds of widows, with stories just as gripping, who are waiting for sponsorship. Would you consider what you could do to help one of these sisters who is seen as an outcast by others in Burundi? It could make all the difference in the world.

Sister Connection has just released a video that will give you a look at what $30 a month can do for a widow and her children. Their goal is to get 30 new sponsors in the 30 days of April. It is a worthy goal, but I think we can get the word out to people so that even more than 30 new widows can receive sponsorship this month.

Please watch the video and share it with everyone you think might be interested to see it too. And let's be praying that the Lord will richly bless Sister Connection, the widows they serve, and all those who stand with them in this vital ministry.

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