Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tonight We Pray for the World!

Of the 7,110,958,300 people alive at this moment (I just checked the World Population Clock), there are 2 billion who are considered "unreached." They have not yet received the good news of Jesus Christ. But there are organizations who are turning the hearts and minds of Christ followers to these unreached people groups, raising awareness of them and offering the opportunity for us to become involved in praying for them. Two which I have recently discovered are prayercast and Unleashed for the Unreached. I've been impressed with their websites and with their  earnest desire to see people of the world come to experience the love and salvation of Jesus.

This video by prayercast focuses on God's heart for the world. It is one of 105 videos they have produced, most of which focus on one particular nation. I highly recommend checking out their video list.

I invite you to be a part of a Global PrayerCast which takes place tonight at 8:30 EST (5:30 PST). If you have access to a computer you can participate.  The video below will introduce you to the PrayerCast and tell you what to do to join with throngs of believers worldwide, lifting our voices to the Lord on behalf of the 2 billion unreached people of the world -- those who haven't heard the good news of Jesus Christ. I've never done anything like this, maybe you haven't either. But tonight we can!

(Check out the Wall of Unreached People on the Unleashed for the Unreached website. Perhaps you could have a part in bringing it to your town or college.)

I've got my world map and I'm ready to pray! Won't you join me?

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