Monday, July 12, 2010

The Railway Children

We recently watched The Railway Children, a delightful story about a mother and her children who moved from their home to a country house in Yorkshire after the father (played by Michael Kitchen of Foyle's War) is taken from them.  Used to a life of love and comfort, the children now learn to entertain themselves as their mother turns to writing to make a living for the family.

Made in the year 2000, this film is based on the British children's book by Edith Nesbit.  Interestingly, the woman who played the mother, Jenny Agutter, starred as the older daughter, Roberta, in the 1970 version of The Railway Children.

The movie was full of gentleness, kindness, and hope in spite of difficult circumstances and people in their new life.  It shows how a family who loves and believes in one another can rise above their trouble, and even reach out to others in the midst of their own loss.

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