Saturday, July 10, 2010

Anyone Want a Baby Sequoia?

It seemed innocent enough at the time.  About seven years ago Tom, a long-time bonsai gardener, placed a sequoia seedling in the back yard, awaiting transplant from its whiskey barrel into a proper bonsai pot.  It was out of the way -- between the patio and the fence that separates our house from the neighbor's.  You know how life gets busy and you can forget what you had in mind?  Well, that's what happened to Tom.

The baby sequoia, however, did not forget; it did what it was designed to do -- it grew.  It pushed its roots through the drain hole in the bottom of the pot and kept right on growing deep into the earth below.  Now over 10 feet tall (they can grow up to 300 feet!), the tree is trapped between the patio and the enormous pine tree in the background of the photo.

The sequoia will have to come out, or we'll have to build the house around it!  We hope we can get it out without destroying it.  We're not even sure where we'll put it if we can successfully dig it up.

Anybody out there with a shovel, a big pot, a truck, creativity and persistence who would like a sequoia for your yard?  Let us know and the tree is yours!

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