Friday, July 23, 2010

Family Time

Yesterday was my Auntie Bet's memorial service.  It was a joy to remember this most remarkable, delightful woman.  Stories shared in the tributes and around the tables highlighted her many appealing qualities, such as her magnetism for drawing people and her fun-loving nature.  The slide show chronicled the life of a young girl who grew up, fell in loved, raised a family, spent her life blessing others, and loved to play.  If you knew Betty Cross, you never forgot her.

All of Mom's siblings (all 11 of them) have passed away now, but many of the children and grandchildren were at the service.  Here are the last to leave -- Blanton cousins who don't get together often enough and all who had a very strong affinity with Auntie Bet.

When I spend time with my extended family I am reminded, as I was yesterday, that it is good to get to know your people and care for each other.  Life is worked out in relationship; surround yourself with companions for the journey, family or otherwise.  Stay in touch and work together.  Pray for each other and watch God work in your lives.  We were created for community.

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