Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hymn of the Month -- In Christ Alone

When we think of hymns we usually think of songs that were written before our own time, songs that were in our church's hymnal when we were growing up and have been sung for generations.  But in 2001 Keith Getty and Stuart Townsend from Ireland wrote a modern hymn, a song you may have sung in your own church, called In Christ Alone.  They wanted to write a hymn of worship that taught the scripture and Christian doctrine in a way that would be relevant for today, and at the same time be trans-generational, something that people of all ages would sing together.  They never dreamed how quickly it would catch on.  But why not?  It powerfully conveys the message of Christ's life, death and resurrection, and His power to save and keep those who trust in Him.  It is a hymn of praise to the Christ alone.

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