Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Peach

Today is the birthday of my sister, Peach.  She turned two when Tim and Ted were only two days old; the three of them grew up more like triplets.  They took care of her, and she took care of them.

Music has been the hallmark of Peach's life.  Shortly after college she spent a year touring with a group called Free Spirit, with whom she traveled to most of the United States and parts of Europe.  Whether as a soloist or member of a worship team or choir, she has loved to sing as much as people have enjoyed hearing her.

Peach is a master storyteller and she's got a great sense of humor.  When she talks about Sally sitting on the poof-bang machine during one of their Free Spirit concerts, you can see the smoke rising and the hole in Sally's dress.  You feel like you're the one falling off the steps into the sanctuary when she describes taking too long a break during a concert and getting back after the lights have gone down.  And she always gets the punch line right.  How I envy that!

Most of her working life has been in ministry to children and senior adults, people who have been blessed by her nurturing and loving spirit over the years.

She loves cats and rabbits and roses and musicals and her nieces and nephews.  Her home, an apartment that she, Dad, Mom and Tim remodeled, is like one you might see in a magazine.  It is lovely, extremely livable, warm and inviting -- just like Peach herself.

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