Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hair or What to do with the Mop on Top

I got a haircut yesterday, and that brought snippets of several past experiences to mind.  Here are a few:

... My hair has some natural curl and when I was little I wore it chin length.  The day before kindergarten pictures, Miss Shockley, our teacher, told us to be sure and have our moms curl our hair.  At least that's what I insisted she said.  My poor mom spent a very long time giving me fat ringlets so that I would have the right hairdo for my school picture.

... I got a fresh, rather short haircut the day before I went abroad, not knowing if I could find a good stylist in Japan.  Alas, as I was walking with my friends from the trolley to my new home in Osaka I passed a beauty shop with a picture in the window of my dream hairdo.  It took months for my hair to grow out long enough for the very fine hairdresser to cut it into the style in that picture!

... Every visit to the salon in Japan included a long, luxurious shampoo that nearly put me to sleep, and sometimes even a warm towel around my shoulders and a cup of hot tea.

... I once had a stylist (not in Japan) who wouldn't let her clients look in the mirror until she was completely finished.  Like an unveiling at an art exhibit, she would whip me around in the chair so that I could finally see  myself.  I never knew what to expect.  Once I stopped by for a haircut on my way home from an afternoon wedding.  When she was finished, I looked glamorous, ready for a night on the town.  But the days I went in wearing jeans, I came out looking like a tomboy!

...How many times after a haircut, have I comforted myself with these words, "Don't worry; it will grow!"

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