Monday, May 17, 2010

Got Moxie?

It came up at the dinner table last night with Tom's sisters.  Just where can you get the old fashioned sodas that we remember from our childhood?

Look no further.  Just check out the Orca Beverage Company in Mukilteo, Washington.  You can get Bubble Up, Dad's Root Beer, orange, peach or strawberry Nesbitt's, Sioux City Sodas and Moxie.  The history of Moxie, which was originally designed as a tonic, is especially interesting.  The drink was so popular in the early 1900s that the word "moxie" was given a definition and listed in Webster's Dictionary.  A person with "moxie" has energy, pep, courage, determination.   And you don't need Moxie to have moxie!

Speaking of Moxie, have you ever heard of Moxee, Washington?  With a population of 855, you may not have.  It's about six or seven miles from Yakima, and you could get a house or condo there for $140,482 in 2008, when the median home price for the state of Washington was $308,100.  This coming Saturday the town of Moxee will host the state's Constitution Party Convention.  I'd say they've got moxie!

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