Friday, January 14, 2011

Speaking of Holes

I ask my family what comes to mind when I mention the word "holes".

"I have lots of holes in the stories I'm writing, gaps I need to fill in," says Samuel.

Tommy thinks of Winnie the Pooh and the hole that Gopher carries around in his pocket.  He pulls it out and disappears through it from time to time.

"I've always thought donut holes were Newtonian," replies Tom.  "Newtonian?" I ask.  "Incomprehensible," he says.

As for me, I think about trying to get the Tums out of my purse.  I plunge my hand into the bag, exploring all four pockets, and finally find them.  But I can't get them out because they are on the other side of the lining.  After months of losing things through the hole in the lining, I have finally fished out the lost loot and stitched up the hole.  I guess I missed the Tums.

Funny, nobody mentions the mole holes in the back yard.

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