Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How Betty Lou Got Her Name

Eighty years ago, when Dr Jones delivered my Auntie Bet, he told my grandpa, "If you let me name the baby I won't charge you for the delivery."  Being a frugal man, my grandpa agreed, and the doctor entered the name "Lulu Mae" on the birth certificate.

But Grandpa had already agreed to let 12-year-old big sister, Babe, name the baby, and she chose the name Betty Lou.  Not to worry.  Even though the baby was legally named Lulu Mae, Betty was the name everyone called her.

Years later, when her son needed his birth certificate so that he could travel overseas, Auntie Bet requested a copy of her's as well.  There in black and white was the reminder of her name, Lulu Mae!  But wait.  What's this?  The birthdate was wrong too!  It should have said January 4, but instead it said January 5!

Seems Grandma went to the hospital on the 4th, ready to deliver her baby, who was born some time after midnight, technically on the 5th.  Never mind.  If you're going to have a birthday, you might as well have two!

Back to the name.  A few years ago she was reading the newspaper and saw an obituary for a Lulu Mae Raduchi.  She had never heard of anyone else named Lulu Mae and this piqued her interest.  She called big sister Babe on the phone and told her that she'd just found someone with her same name!

"Laaaands, Bet!" replied Auntie Babe.  "Lulu Mae Raduchi was Dr Jones' mistress!"  Hmmmmm!

(Auntie Bet passed away in July of 2010.  For other posts about her check here and here.  You can also see a video of her life that  her granddaughter Kristi posted on YouTube.  If you'd like to see it, click here.)

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