Saturday, January 22, 2011

Let's Homeschool!

When our boys were barely toddlers I was challenged by a radio speaker who talked about homeschooling.  Yes, that's what I'd do -- I'd homeschool my little charges when they were ready!

In the meantime, Tommy devoured information like a vacuum cleaner.  He would watch nature shows on PBS, read National Geographic and Farm Journal with Gramma and Grampa, and present his theories about life's mysteries to us.  He'd pass on information that was, at times, fantastical!  My head would spin with the "facts" this little kid would tell me.  "You can grow crystals with ketchup and coal!" "If you put moss on a stick and plant it in the ground (moss-side down, of course), you can grow a tree."  Sometimes he'd tell me things about animals I had never come across before.  Far-fetched as much of his information was, I, being a good mother who wanted to give her son the benefit of a doubt, would reply, "I didn't know that."

When I felt it was time to broach the subject of homeschooling with him, I asked, "Tommy, how would you like to homeschool?"

His reply?  "No, Mom, you don't know enough!"

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