Thursday, January 20, 2011

On Sharing Our Faith

When I was a kid, I had a friend I'll call Mary.  I knew Jesus, and I was pretty sure she didn't.  So I schemed about ways to "get her into the Kingdom."  (Give me a break -- I was just a kid!!)

I remember the idea to bake her a cake and invite her over.  I'd give her the plan of salvation, usher her into the Family of God, and then we'd eat cake!

One year, on the last day of school before summer break, my brother and I sat her down on the steps and asked what she was going to do for the summer.  She told us of her summer plans.  "Then what?" we asked, and she said she'd go back to school for the next grade.  "Then what?" we asked again, and continued to ask until we'd walked her through her entire life!  Finally she said, "I'll die."  Ahh, we had her now!  "Then what?" we asked again.  Was she going to say she was going to Heaven?  We could tell her how to get there!  But she shook her head, as if to get the last few minutes out of her mind, and went home.

Over the years, I've been given some tools to use in evangelism, but it has taken years of living to realize that I don't need the tools nearly as much as I need to live an authentic life of faith, pursuing Christ with all my heart, loving Him and allowing Him to transform my life and use if for His glory.

I'd like, in some of my upcoming blogs, to explore what it means to share our faith in Jesus Christ with those who do not know Him.  The world is looking for truth and peace, joy and love.  These are ours in Christ, and they are available to everyone.  How do we, just common folk, help others find life in Christ?

Stay tuned!

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