Friday, December 17, 2010

The Isaiah Tree

Two things I can say about my friend Sue -- as a decorator she has a gift for creating beauty, and she is a student of the Bible.  For the past fourteen months she has been immersed in the Old Testament book of Isaiah through a women's Bible Study at her church.  Last week they completed Isaiah 66, the last chapter of the book.

Over the years Sue has been so busy helping others decorate their homes for Christmas that she hasn't had her own tree for some time.  But as she pondered Isaiah's portrayal of a holy God and an unfaithful people, his prophecy about the child to be born, and his description of the suffering Savior who would take our sins upon Himself, she came up with the idea of an Isaiah Christmas tree.

With materials she had on hand, Sue created scrolls and banners of her favorite passages from Isaiah.  She was able to purchase the old world ornaments that she needed from Wight's Nursery in Lynnwood.  Then she set about decorating the exquisite Isaiah tree, which represents the purpose of the coming of the babe in the manger.

Thank you, Sue, for sharing your photos with us, and your heart for Christmas.

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Cami said...

What a beautiful idea! Also, what a terrific way to pass the story on to your children.