Monday, December 6, 2010

Stevens Family Christmas Traditions

Our family loves tradition.  One of our Christmas traditions is no Christmas music, decorations, candy, etc. until the day after Thanksgiving.  Then we go hog wild!  We also go to Seattle the day after Thanksgiving to ride the carousel, sing the Christmas carols, and watch them light the tree and Bon/Macy's Star.  We do not shop however, except to buy dinner.  My favorite tradition is making a birthday cake for Jesus.  We make the cake and then after the big meal on Christmas Day we sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus.  The kids blow out the candles together and we all eat the cake! 

(Thank you to Joscelyn and Adam Stevens for sharing their family Christmas traditions and photos.  What traditions do you have that you'd like to share with readers?  You may not be a professional photographer, like Adam is, but send along a photo if you have one.  But even if you don't, we'd love to hear from you!)

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