Tuesday, December 14, 2010

While You Were Sleeping

Do you take your troubles to bed with you?  That can be hard on your sleep!

I've got some good news: God wants us to hand over those troubles to Him.  He's big enough to carry our loads and manage our details.

The Bible gives us some insight into His ability to work on our behalf, even while we're sleeping.  Here's what He might say to a few of the people from the Bible:

Adam, while you were sleeping, I formed Eve from your rib and presented you with a helper.
I wrestled with you through the night, Jacob, and changed your life.
Moses, while Egypt slept I came with my last plague and opened the way for my people to escape.
Samuel, I called you in the night and you responded.
David could have killed you, Saul, while you were sleeping, but he spared your life.
Daniel, I gave you dreams about the future so you could tell others.
I sent my angel to tell you to take Mary as your wife, Joseph.
I slept in a manger when I came to live among you.
I prayed in the Garden while you, my disciples, slept.
And I slept in the boat, my head on a pillow, during a violent storm, because I knew my Father was taking care of everything, even while I was sleeping.

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