Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Song for Christmas

When Jesus came to Bethlehem,
God's tiny, human Son,
The world wept then, as it weeps now,
Because of what sin's done.

The homeless huddled in the streets.
The poor man begged for bread,
While wicked men made others slaves,
And families mourned their dead.

Then Jesus came, a helpless child,
And wise ones marked His birth.
The angels sang to listening hearts
"Your King has come to earth."

The years have passed, the world still weeps,
But to each listening heart,
The song comes ringing down through time
To promise a new start.

For he who turns from his own way
To make that Babe his King,
Will find the Kingdom in hear heart,
And hope and joy will sing.

The Kingdom starts in lives made new.
Take heart, all weeping men
This hurting world will weep no more
When Jesus comes again.

Joan Husby

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