Monday, October 25, 2010

Bear Hug

At the farm a few weeks ago, as we were poking around, Tom found a favorite salt-and-pepper-shaker set he remembered from his childhood. We brought it home, cleaned it up and set it on our dining room table.  Aren't they cute!

The set came from Lake Louise.  In 1951, his parents left their three young children with the grandparents and enjoyed a few days vacation to Lake Louise.  As far as we know, it was the only big trip they took without the kids.  When they returned home, they set the salt-and-pepper shakers on their dining room table.

Here's the happy young couple.  Aren't they cute!

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Anonymous said...

Bones season 4 episode 18 near end they use the same set in the episode. Found this while looking for the set online.