Monday, June 7, 2010

Seattle Clock Walk

Tom took last Friday off and we went to Seattle to do the Seattle Clock Walk.  We had a wonderful time exploring our favorite city.  There are 29 clocks on the walk, and it takes an hour and a half of brisk walking to see them all.  We don't walk briskly, and sometimes we find other things to look at, so we'll be going back another day to see the many clocks we didn't get to.   We got in several hours of fresh air and fun together and would recommend the tour to anyone looking for an adventure.

Here's Tom standing in front of the clock outside F.X. McCrory's in Pioneer Square.  We talked to the man standing behind the clock; they'd had a power outage and he was waiting to correct the clock's time.  He told us that the clock used to sit in front of the court house in Nome, Alaska.

Some of the clocks were on posts, some were on buildings, some were inside buildings.  The information we got from the website gave us all we needed to know to find the clocks.  We saw Atlas holding up the world on top of Tiffany's and this question mark on Pine and 5th.

We knew that there was a clock on the Times Square building but we couldn't find it, in spite of our trips around the block looking.  Finally we gave up and walked on to the next clock.  Later, as we were approaching the building from a different direction, we discovered the clock, above the awning that we kept walking under as we looked for the clock!  We found a couple to take our picture with the clock in the background.

Just as the rain began, we made our way to the car and returned home.  Now we're waiting for a sunny Saturday so that we can go back and finish the tour!

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