Saturday, June 5, 2010

Friendly Fire

Tim lives in Anchorage, where moose are plentiful this time of year.  He sent the photo and note below to each of us siblings the other day.  Here's the dialog that ensued:

This is not a great picture but I got it last night. A mamma mouse and her two new born calves. -- Tim

Pretty cool! -- Ginger

I went to the eye doctor today and got a good report. Now I know the picture is slightly blurry, even my eye doctor would agree with that, but I can't beleive you though those were mice. They are clearly horses. --Ted

Ted, you need a new eye doctor! --Peach

Amazing how the eyes can recognize moose even when they are fuzzy, but sees the word mouse as moose!  How did I miss that?  You're good, Ted! -- Ginger

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