Saturday, June 19, 2010

Oh, Shoot!

Tom and I had a great time with our new camera, a Nikon Coolpix P100, purchased last week.  We went to the beach at Livingston Bay on Camano Island -- the driftwood was especially nice -- then to Garden Treasures in Arlington, a nursery and organic food farm, where we got some wonderful colorful pictures.

As for "the ones that got away," just after we finished shooting hay bales in a field near home we looked up and saw an eagle just 100 feet away, flying to his home with nesting material in his claw.  It was green and lacy, possibly moss, streaming through the air beneath him, about twice the length of the eagle himself.  And there I sat with the camera in my lap as we stared in wonder at this amazing sight!

Just down the road, on Pioneer Highway as we headed toward Arlington, we saw a deer in a driveway and, hopping along in the road like a four-footed baby kangaroo, was a fawn, still spotted, following its mother.  Our mouths hung open but my hands held the camera in my lap without getting the picture!

(Samuel's comment:  "Sheesh!  What kind of cameraman are you, Mom?!")

So here are some of today's pictures.  Hope you enjoy them!

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Photobby said...

Great stuff Ginger! I look forward to more posts with lots of photos!