Monday, June 14, 2010

Did you Know?

We were at dinner with friends the other night and the country of Morocco came up in conversation.  All I really knew about Morocco is that it's in north Africa and once, while I was at the Seattle Center, I purchased a beautiful tooled-leather shoulder bag from Morocco.  But now I know something more.  Bill, our host, told us that you can snow ski in Morocco's mountains!  I looked it up and, sure enough, the Atlas Mountain Range stretches 1,500 miles across north Africa, separating the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea from the Sahara Desert.  The highest peak in the range is Toubkal in southwest Morocco, and it stands 13,671 feet.

Here's some more mountain trivia for you: according to Wikipedia, all 23,000 ft peaks in the world are located in the center of Asia.  There were 109 mountain peaks on their list and I couldn't find one that I thought must be outside Asia, mostly in the Himalayans.  Lupghar Sar, number 109 on the list, measured 23,622 feet.

Compared to this, Mt McKinley in Alaska's Denali National Park, the highest peak in the North America at 20,320 feet, is a little on the short side. Besides that, if you are to believe everything you read on Wikipedia, Mt McKinley isn't even its real name!  That's just what out-of-staters call it.  The locals call it Denali!

Photo is of Mt Toubkal

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