Friday, February 26, 2010

A Light and Happy Read

I've just read the most delightful book by George MacDonald, an author who greatly influenced C.S. Lewis.  The book is The Light Princess and the edition I found at the library, published in 1969, features illustrations by Maurice Sendak.

At the time of the baptism of the infant princess, the king's sister is angry.  She was inadvertently left off the invitation list, and she wants revenge.  So she works a spell on the child, taking away her gravity and leaving her weightless.  No one can figure out how to break the spell, not even the two very wise philosophers named Hum-Drum  and Kopy-Keck.  They do have a few ideas, though.

Filled with wordplay and nonsense, there is also nobility and goodness in the story.  If you or your children aren't familiar with The Light Princess, I'd say you'd better go straight to your local library website and search for it.  Read it in private, though; people in the doctor's waiting room just aren't sure what to do with you when you laugh out loud over a good read.

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