Friday, February 12, 2010

Gramma School

Because I fully expected to homeschool our boys, preschool was not something we thought about when we lived in New York. But when Tommy was preschool age he had a curious mind and a lot of energy. Nearly every day he wanted to make a book, so we'd staple together ten pages of printer paper and he'd dictate the text and draw the illustrations of his fantastical stories. He liked to cook and would occasionally create his own recipes. He loved nature and wanted to learn about animals and spend time outside.

Bless her heart, Tom's mom decided he should go to Gramma School!

So two or three times most weeks she'd have Tommy come next door to their house and they'd spend a couple of hours together. They'd read National Geographic or children's books from long ago; they'd hunt for frogs at the pond; they'd bake something; they'd play the piano; they'd do art projects; they'd work on his ABCs. The day we moved away they planted a tree. Just Tommy and Gramma. Sweet times for the two of them.

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Cami said...

What an incredible gift Tom's mom gave. I know that when my kids spend time at the grandparents' houses (both sets) that they come home having learned things that I wouldn't have thought to teach them.