Friday, February 19, 2010

I Miss Cornucopia!

One of the serendipities about moving to this neighborhood over six years ago was discovering Cornucopia, the wonderful health food store just three blocks away. They carried specialty food (including gluten free) as well as a wonderful supply of supplements. The staff was knowledgeable and warm and we became friends.

But times change, and people's lives change. The store closed last summer. There are plenty of food co-ops and Super Supplements close enough that I can still get the things I need, but I miss the experience of being a regular at Cornucopia. I miss the convenience, I miss my friends there, and I miss the children of the staff that I watched from infancy. Beautiful children, they all looked a little like Eloise Wilkin illustrations from Little Golden Books of my childhood, and they always brightened my day.

If you happen to run into Brianne, Tara, Beth, Matt, Rebecca, Linda, Megan, Anna, or any of the other staff, please tell them hello for me. And if you see Coral, Bodie or Jude, take a minute to soak up their sweetness, and give them a hug for me.

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