Thursday, December 31, 2009

Weaving: a Parable

The material that is chosen by the weaver has no say in where or how it will be used. Will it be woven in a simple over-under pattern or will it be used for something more noticeable? How will it look with the other threads? What will the finished design look like?

The thread is not called to make these decisions. They are the business of the weaver. All the thread is called to do is to be available and responsive to the weaver's will.

No thread or other treasure selected by the weaver could ever guess how the weaver will work them all together into a fine and unique fabric. But the weaver, the one who controls the loom, the color selection, the tension on the thread, the size of the fabric -- He knows. Yes, He knows. He is the Master Weaver, incorporating all the experiences of our lives into a design more recognizable to Himself than to us. All He asks is that we be available and responsive to His will.

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