Thursday, December 3, 2009

Can You Help Tami?

I received an e-mail from a dear friend, a writer, about her niece's difficult situation. As a caring aunt, she has thought of a way to help Tami and her family. I wanted to share the e-mail with you and let you know that she is happy to have you pass it on too if you'd like. Here it is:


Here’s a chance to find a gift for someone special on your list and to help a hurting family at the same time.

My niece, Tami Wheatley Nichols, is going through a very dark valley right now as she battles advanced kidney cancer. It has spread to her lungs, making every breath a struggle. My sister, Patty Rawlins Wheatley, cares for her while Tami’s husband Bert works swing shift. Tami's twelve-year-old, Delaney, also does all she can to help.

They have catastrophic insurance, but it does not fully kick in until they have paid the first $7500 out of pocket. They will have barely reached that deductible in December, then another $7500 deductible starts in January. It would greatly ease their minds if they didn’t have to worry so much about where they’ll find the money.

We are offering a copy of my book, “A Logger’s Daughter: Growing Up in Washington’s Woods,” for each donation of $15 or more. “A Logger’s Daughter” costs approximately $20 plus tax in bookstores and online, so this is a good deal. Every penny you send, outside of shipping and handling costs, goes directly to the Nichols family.

You can order through my website, or at this address:
RainSong Press
26929 81st Dr. NW
Stanwood, WA 98292

Please indicate that your contribution is for the Tami Nichols Benefit Fund. Let me know if you’d like your book(s) autographed. If you are able to help Tami in this way, please accept our heartfelt thanks. Feel free to send this on to people you know who might be interested. You are welcome to personalize this however you like.

Joan Husby (and Hank)

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