Monday, August 15, 2011

Wedding Photos Coming

Peach and Allen got married yesterday!  It was a wonderful day, full of worship and laughter and good friends.  To those who were there with us, thank you so much for coming.  Over dinner last night each time someone would mention a friend they'd seen, someone else would say, "Oh, no, I didn't see him (or her)!"  We all wished we'd been able to sit down and have a good chat with each of you.  Thank you so much for sharing this day with you.

Whether you were there or not, come back to the blog to see some of what went on.  Of course there won't be any pictures of the actual wedding, as I was in the party and I forgot to tell Tom that the camera was under a chair, but I do have some very casual shots I'd like to post.  It's a bigger job than I had expected, so I invite you to come back later.  Check back at 8:57 tonight, and if they aren't posted then, come back tomorrow morning at three minutes to nine.

See you later!

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