Monday, August 1, 2011

Celebrating with Peach

Peach and Allen
In just two weeks, my sister Peach will get married.  Family and friends will gather to celebrate with her and Allen in a simple but elegant, music-filled ceremony.  Then it's a two-week honeymoon, before settling in to a whole new life for my lovely sister.

Peach is a pastor.  She served for many years as children's pastor and played a huge part in the lives of the church family.  The women of the church love her, and demonstrated it by hosting a wonderful shower for her on Saturday.  One of the women in attendance shared that Peach's sermons altered the way she has lived her life.  Three young adult sisters had chosen one to be the spokesperson for them.  She shared that they grew up under Peach's ministry, and that she loved everything in her childhood because Pastor Peach was part of it.  By the time she was finished speaking, all three sisters were in tears.

"I find it amazing," said another friend, "that a woman could get so many children before she's even married!"

Now Peach will be the mother of four young adult children of her own -- two daughters, a son, and a daughter-in-law!

She shared her love story with the group on Saturday, as well as with her childhood friends who gathered for a shower on Sunday.   Allen is a funeral director, and they had known each other for several years, as she is occasionally involved in funerals in the area.  But it wasn't until just a few months ago that God, in unmistakable ways, brought them together.  It is a powerful testimony to God's grace and Peach and Allen's trust in Him.

When Allen asked Dad if he would be open to him marrying Peach, Dad paused, then said, "Yes.  You've been a long time coming!"

Mom, Peach, Dad and Samuel
On the day Mom and I accompanied her to shop for a wedding dress, Mom handed Peach an envelope containing $200.  "What's this?" Peach asked.  "It's your first paycheck.  You asked me to cash it for you, and you never asked for it back.  So I saved it for your wedding dress!"  That was 35 years ago!  Peach found some wonderful sales, and for $200 she bought her wedding dress and her going away dress, and still had ten cents left over!

The first time Allen's daughters called her "Mom," she choked back tears.  The girls felt terrible.  We've made her cry!  "Don't be upset," she told them, "I just didn't think I'd ever have anyone call me that."

Peach with her two new daughters, Melody and Melissa
Oh, did I mention Allen's last name?  It's Ice; she'll be Peach Ice!  It's a perfect name for my sister -- to be with her is like enjoying a refreshing drink on a hot summer's day.


barefootmommy said...

I didn't know peach is your sister! how cool. I know her from when we used to go to arlington free methodist.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this, Ginger! Love the story, the pictures! Tell Peach and Allen "best wishes" and "congratulations" from G&C! Please post pictures!
Love, Chris

camilla said...

Thank you for sharing your sister's story. I had heard she was getting married. So happy for her that I cried reading your post. God is so good.

Lucia said...

thanks for sharing about Peach and Allen. Please give her my very best wishes. Lucia

Joan Husby said...

What a beautiful story! Falling in love only gets better, the longer one's waited. Especially when the waiter's lived a rich and giving life in the meantime.

I love the pictures. The one of Samuel is so dear.

Deanne and Bill Lessley said...

It's such a joy to share in this very special time in your family, Ginger. The joy is catching! God works in such mysterious ways and I believe His plan is to use Alan and Peach in even greater ways than He has already been using them.