Monday, August 22, 2011

National Radio Day

In honor of National Radio Day (August 22), I thought you might enjoy this 1938 film showing the making of a radio drama.  My, how our lives have changed!

Today our world is saturated with extravagant computer enhanced images, leaving little room for our imaginations to run free. But with radio drama, we can fill in the details -- put faces on the characters, design the sets and watch the action. Perhaps that is why radio theater seems to be making a comeback.

Of course all the sound effects are digital these days.  But the programs we grew up on were dependent upon clever techniques and contraptions to enhance the shows with sound effects. In 1984 I was privileged to tour Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC) in Manila.  They demonstrated a few of their sound effects for us; it was the highlight of my visit to their radio company!

Here is a film that will give you a fun peek into the making of a radio program in 1938, and a fascinating glimpse of sound effects of the day.  I hope you enjoy it.

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