Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wedding Day

Sunday was Peach and Allen's wedding.  Because I was in the wedding, I didn't take all the pictures I'd like to have taken, but Tom and I did get a few informal shots I thought you might enjoy seeing.

The caterers spent Saturday turning my parents' front room into a fine cafe with seating for 28 and preparing a sumptuous prime rib feast for the rehearsal dinner.  For dessert they served raspberry brownies with ice cream and raspberry sauce -- amazing!  Like many of the lovely touches of the weekend, this meal was the gift of friends of Peach and Allen.

This was the rowdy table. (Don't they look guilty?!)
Sunday morning's wedding preparations included getting the women all dolled up!
Some heavy duty treatment required!
Peach putting the final touches on her packing.
I took no pictures of the actual wedding, but here are some of the reception.
For the punch.  Just enough for everybody, unlike at our wedding!
One beautiful cake...

...and many, many cupcakes!

Family and friends enjoying the fellowship...
...and the sunshine.
The Blanton clan
Dad and Mom
It was a beautiful ceremony, both worshipful and festive. Congratulations to the very happy couple, Allen and Peach Ice.
Photo by Katasha Ice

See you later!


Unknown said...

Oh so special!!! I am so happy for you!!! God bless! Love, Kathy Stewart

camilla said...

Simply loved seeing photos! What a wonderful celebration!

Deanne and Bill Lessley said...

What joy! Thanks for the pictures, Ginger. Everything was so lovely and I'm so happy for the 2 of them! I loved your "new" look, too!