Tuesday, September 8, 2015

For Annie. And For You.

Today my friend Annie is going through tests to determine how widespread the cancer is that was discovered less than a week ago. Another friend is scheduled for surgery tomorrow and yet one more is going through one more round of treatments to fight off the cancer that has assaulted her for years.

Not all my friends dealing with difficulties are experiencing cancer. Some have family members with serious health issues, or kids on drugs, or they are grappling with uncertainties about the future. Babies are born prematurely, struggling to get a start on life; parents need special care as they age.

For each one of you who is in the midst of circumstances that threaten to overwhelm, take courage. God is with you. He knows where you are, and He hears your cry.

I invite you to take a few minutes to watch these videos and find rest in the arms of God. Then share them with a friend you know who needs to hear them too.

You are in my prayers today.


Joan Husby said...

Thank you for the reminder that our encouragement is so important to hurting people. And thank you for your example.

Paula Haakenson said...

I am sharing this beautiful worship and truth~