Friday, September 4, 2015

We Did It!

When my friend Karen and I decided to visit all twenty-one libraries in the Sno-Isle system, we didn't dream it would take fifteen years! But today we made it to Mukilteo, the last library on the list! As you can tell, it wasn't our top priority, but, as we both like libraries, we thought it would by fun to see each of the community libraries in Snohomish and Island counties. Last winter Tom and I visited the five libraries on Whidbey Island and recently we visited several others together. (What a good man my husband is to support my interests.)

In all fairness, I must issue this disclaimer. There were two buildings that I did not enter—Sultan and Darrington. They are both open Monday through Saturday, and last Sunday was the only day that Tom and I could make it to both of these far-flung libraries. Even though I didn't go through the doors, I am still going to count them.

Karen, on the other hand, only counts libraries she has actually gone inside, so she still has to visit two more before her goal is met. That's fine. She's younger than I am; she can give more time to this project if she'd like.

Each of Sno-Isle's libraries is unique to its community and its setting. At the Mukilteo library each Thursday morning you'll find twenty to thirty people who come to knit and chat. When they learned that I don't know how to knit they invited me to sit down and they would teach me! Thanks, ladies. I may drop in some Thursday morning in the future.

The Mukilteo library is on a large plot of land, providing a natural setting and lots of light. Surrounding most of the building is a wildlife garden which features some lovely Northwest plants.

Public art can be found at all Sno-Isle libraries. I especially liked these two pieces at Mukilteo.

We don't just go to libraries, Karen and I. We like to explore little communities and find good coffee, so we went to The Red Cup on the hill above the ferry landing, where we met a couple of old gals who were in desperate need of their morning java. 

It was a fun day with a dear friend, a goal accomplished, and one more adventure to add to our memory banks!

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Karen S. said...

I'm still enjoying the day, in my memory. It was quite fun. What's our next adventure!