Thursday, September 17, 2015

How My Blog Got Its Name

Tom's dad walking to the upper field at our home in New York

I remember the intensity of my feelings the morning of September 17, 2009, six years ago today. One boy had left for high school, his brother's classes hadn't yet begun at the community college. He sat at the computer, I sat at the dining room table.

"Please get off the computer. I am going to start blogging today!"

I couldn't have been more surprised by my request. Blogging? I'm going to blog? I certainly hadn't known that when I'd gotten up that morning, but it was very clear to me now.

I sat down at the computer and opened Blogger. It was a snap to get the blog up. Things like deciding on the template, making decisions about style and format, and inserting the wonderful photo above  were a breeze. But I had some other fundamental decisions to make. An inner dialog ensued.
So, how often do you plan to blog? 
Every day. 
Every day, huh? 
That's right.
What time?
Nine o'clock.
Nine o'clock every day. Rather ambitious of you.
I can do this!
And what do you plan to call this blog?
Maybe Crysanthemum? Hmm... I don't even know how to spell that. How will anyone find me?
No, you can't use that. Try again.
I spent the next thirty minutes considering possible names, but I kept coming up empty. Everything I thought of was already taken.
Here's a thought. Since being on time is a problem for you (ahem!), why don't you surprise everyone and publish your blog earlier, like at three minutes to nine?
Bingo! I'll do it!
And that's how my blog got its name.

You can read my first blog post here.

That first post included these lines:
Although I don't have any deep well of knowledge about any particular topic, I do have lots to say! Sometimes I amaze myself -- I'm sure to amaze you too!! 
I've always written what I wanted to say, and shared whatever came to my head or my heart that I thought was worthy of sharing. You might find a tale from my childhood one day, a book review the next, a hymn the day after that, and Snoopy on his dog house the day after that. But I have really struggled over my approach to blogging. There is a part of me that yearns for order and I simply haven't been able to see any order at all to what I chose to blog about.  Until last week.

Asked to post a link to our blogs on our Northwest Christian Writers Facebook page and tell what we write about I said, "I tell stories, share resources, and offer encouragement." Bingo again! That is what I do and everything I post—well, maybe not the Snoopy posters—fits into one of those categories. Perhaps this is way more information than you require, but I must say I was thrilled to realize that's what I do.

I don't post every day anymore (this week being an exception) and I seldom have it ready to go at 8:57 AM. But I plan to keep writing. Thanks for being here with me. See you again soon.

Grace and peace,

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