Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Kink

I discovered a kink in my string.
I pondered.
I fretted.
What's this? I bellered.
A kink? In my string?
Why a kink?
How shall I ever get rid of it?
For all my striving
I could not control the kink.
Soon the single kink
had become a trio.
I fretted.
I struggled.
All my efforts produced only frustration
and the kinks, joining forces,
became one obnoxious knot.
I struggled.
I fought.
But one never conquers a knot
by fighting.
I began slowly,
working at the knot.
In time the knot was once again
a trio of kinks.
And, really,
I can get by with three kinks in my string.

Ginger Kauffman

1 comment:

Cami said...

I believe this is precisely what I needed to hear today. I quickly get so worked up about things and make them worse. Thank you for the wisdom packaged in this poem.