Friday, May 4, 2012

God's Rich Treasures

My friend Dixie shared a dream she had and gave me permission to use it here.

I had a dream. It seemed very significant and touched my soul deeply. God was showing me his storehouses of riches in heaven. I got the clear impression that none of the treasures of God were material. It was just like a fact that was settled -- no doubt. But the treasures of God were rich. Some of them were as follows:

1. I experienced a deep faith with peace when things are going wrong; I had no anxiety over the problem.
2. God took me to places in my past and showed me where I had pride in my heart and attitude, but there was no sense of guilt, just a matter-of-fact showing. Grace.
3. He showed me that in the storehouse were riches of being able to speak words in such a descriptive way that it would delight people and they could see better what was being explained, which caused a ripple effect to others.
4. Riches of wisdom -- knowing exactly what to do and what to say in a seemingly difficult situation.
5. Having a strong confidence that you are doing what needs to be done, but a powerful gentleness in doing it so that no one is hurt but everyone feels blessed around you.
6. No fear to face a difficult situation or conversation to resolve a misunderstanding.
7. A peace and confidence to know that what you say will be healing and appropriate.
8. Grace, understanding, forgiveness and love given when our words or actions are not perfect.
9. Being at the right place at the right time.
10. Knowing someone loves us and delights in us.
11. No sense of guilt or shame -- no accusation of failure in our hearts, but just a deep sense of security, knowing we are loved, accepted and encouraged to become whole and pure.
12. Confidence to know we can do what needs to be done and do it without any stress.

The storehouses seemed to be deep, impactfully deep, going deep into my soul, deep until there was a completed soul satisfaction -- the constant, completely rich satisfaction of having an endless filling up of goodness in every nook and corner of my soul. No want was found anywhere in my soul.  It was a constant supply.

And my God shall meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19).

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