Monday, July 4, 2011

Of Ducks and Chickens

Tom's sister Carol, who is living on the farm in Western New York, called a few weeks ago to report that a friend had delivered eleven ducklings who needed a new home.  Tiny little things, they swam and waddled as one.  Not only did he bring the ducks, he also brought all the accountrements to provide for their needs.  She was horrified the next morning to see that they were no where near their little home.  How could they have all been picked off on their very first night?

Not to worry.  She located them later, hidden in the bushes across the pond.  They've been flourishing and, so far, haven't felt the need to fly off with their more adventurous cousins in the area.

Turns out they are not the only ducks in the family.  Recently, at our nephew and niece's house, we saw their fluffy-tufted ducks which were just babies at Easter.  Such personality!

But not as entertaining as Parson Brown!  We'd heard of him through Farmer Jon (Stevens) on the Open Gate Farm blog.  I'd wondered about this Camano Island parson who has his own congregation and occasionally shares some bits of wisdom on Farmer Jon's blog.  When we saw him, we knew how he'd gotten his name.  He's an Indian Runner; he was born "dressed the part of a preacher," wearing a brown "jacket" and white "clerical collar" smartly around his black neck.  He stands straight as a pencil and runs around the yard.  When we caught him standing still, he looked like he had his hands in his pockets.

His congregation is made up of a few other ducks, white, mostly, and several chickens.  It was a hot day, and the ducks and chickens were enjoying any shade they could find.  Parson Brown would have to wait for another day to gather his flock and share his message with them!

Returning home from the farm, we stopped by to see the roosters at the Spare Room Vintage Flea Market on Hwy 532, just before leaving Camano to return to Stanwood.  These wonderful sculptures, made of recycled oil bins and other bits of scrap metal, had their own delightful personalities.

If you haven't yet gotten a gander at these giant guys, today, this sunny, beautiful July 4th, just might be the day to do it!  You might even swing by Open Gate Farm and meet Parson Brown.

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