Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Make Mine Tea

Mid-afternoon last Thursday, as we explored Vashon Island, I needed a cup of tea.  I'd been eyeing the Vashon Tea Shop, so we went in and found a table by the door.  Rich with color and fragrance, fresh flowers on each table and personable and knowledgable staff, we drank in the mood of the shop for a time.
We went back after hours for this photo

Too much responsibility to decide on a tea!
"Why don't you choose some tea for me?" my husband asked me.  Well, with eighty varieties of tea I was a bit overwhelmed by the awesome task.  Then I saw the genmaicha, a Japanese green tea with roasted rice added to it.  Sometimes the rice "pops" like popcorn, so it is also known as popcorn tea.  The taste is nutty and delicious, and we enjoy it very much.  Tom was delighted with my selection!

One of my favorite combinations of tea is white tea and pear.  I've had trouble finding it lately, so when I saw that they carried silver white pear tea I quickly ordered a cup.  Aahhh, smooth and satisfying.

Before we left, we purchased two ounces of each of the teas.   Here's what the tea looks like.

You can order tea from the shop.  Check out their website to learn more.  And the next time you are on Vashon Island, stop by for a cup of tea!

One more thing.  I came across a video on YouTube by a Chinese woman who talks about the stuff of her daily life, from painting scarves to travel to tea and dishes.  I found it quite delightful.  You might enjoy it too.  Here's the link.

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