Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Adopt A Spot

When Stanwood High School teacher Clarene Ricarte received a $500 Compassion Schools Grant to fund a project that would bring students and community together, she bought bark and paint and set yesterday, May 31, as the day for sprucing up the campus.  Students, staff, parents, and community members joined forces -- 1400 in all -- to wash windows, paint curbs and parking strips, weed, fix picnic tables, fill potholes and other projects to improve the appearance of the buildings and grounds.  Students worked with their advisory groups for the two-hour project, which began at 8:46 yesterday morning, with each group choosing (adopting) the area of the campus where they would like to work.

I got a call from a community volunteer, letting me know that at 8:57 I might like to be on campus to get some pictures.  It was great seeing the campus humming with dozens of groups scattered across the campus, cleaning up.  This was a tangible way to help the students take some responsibility for their school and to take pride in its appearance.  Kudos to Mrs Ricarte and all who helped with this massive effort!

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