Thursday, April 28, 2011

Turn Your Radio On!

Every morning when Tom leaves for work at 6:00, he climbs on the Bible Bus and away he goes!   Since his car's CD player broke, he's been listening to the radio on his morning commute, and that's when Dr J Vernon McGee's Thru the Bible ( program comes on.  The program began in 1967, with Dr McGee teaching through the entire Bible.  Even after his death in 1988, his five-year teaching series is still on the air.  This month the Bible Bus started again in Genesis, and Tom is along for the ride!

And I start my mornings listening to a podcast of Haven Today with Charles Morris.  His messages are pertinent, challenging and insightful, the music is varied and uplifting.  It was from listening to Haven Today that I became aware of the Odes of Solomon, the earliest songs of the Christian church, The King's Chamber Orchestra, and Todd Burpo's book, Heaven is for Real.  Mr Morris has a gift for communicating God's love to people who know Jesus and those who do not.

My other favorite radio program is Dr Randy Carlson's Intentional Living.  It is a live call-in program where he talks with people about the one thing they can do that will make a difference in their lives, whether in their finances, their marriage, their parenting, or their spiritual lives.  His godly counsel, kindness, and sincere desire to see people move toward wholeness impress me every time I hear the show.

What do you like to listen to?  Have you got a favorite program you'd like to share with other readers?

While you're thinking about it, you might enjoy listening to Ray Stevens' 1972 recording of Turn Your Radio On!

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Angela said...

I actually miss having a morning commute and listening to the radio. I used to enjoy listening to christain radio to and from work and I miss that!